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Aluminum Wire Remediation

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Aluminum wire remediation refers to the process of addressing potential safety issues associated with aluminum electrical wiring in older homes. Here are some key points about aluminum wire remediation services:


Many homes built between the mid-1960s and early 1970s were wired with aluminum instead of copper due to a temporary shortage of copper at the time. However, aluminum expands and contracts differently than copper, which can cause connections to loosen over time, creating potential fire hazards.

Safety Concerns

Loose connections in aluminum wiring can lead to overheating, arcing, and an increased risk of electrical fires. This issue has prompted many homeowners to consider remediation or replacement of their aluminum wiring.

Remediation Options

There are a few common methods for remediating aluminum wiring:

  a. Pig-tailing: Connecting copper conductor "pigtails" to each aluminum wire connection using specialized anti-oxidant paste and connectors.

  b. ALUMACONN connectors: Using these UL-listed connectors to make aluminum-to-aluminum or aluminum-to-copper connections.

  c. COPALUM crimps: Installing specialized crimp connectors designed for safely joining aluminum and copper wires. This option is less common due to advanced equipment requirements.


In some cases, especially for older homes or those with extensive aluminum wiring, complete rewiring with new copper wiring may be recommended for safety and peace of mind.

Professional Installation

Aluminum wire remediation should always be performed by licensed and experienced electrical contractors, such as David Williams Electric, who follow proper techniques and use approved materials for joining aluminum to copper safely.

We offer aluminum wire remediation services and can inspect a home's wiring, advise on the best remediation approach based on the extent and condition of the aluminum wiring, and carry out the necessary work to bring the electrical system up to modern safety standards.

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