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The David Williams Electric team standing together, outside, in front of two of their modern fleet vans.

About Our Company

David Williams Electric has enlisted talented, competent, and the most personable employees to join the team. We are proud to employ professional, experienced electricians and support specialists. Team members include Gabriel Boumel, Vernon Williams, Lamont Stewart, Kevin Hoopes, Nicolas Cazares, Matthew Callari, and office administration Madeline Zayas and Tiffany Moody. Gabriel Boumel, our master electrician & co-owner, manages daily operations. Co-owner Neal Grimm, a proud U.S. Army member, handles finances. Lastly, Ian Higgins, co-owner, will handle all marketing and business development.

Company Leadership

While the baton has been passed on to new management, our new company leadership strives to maintain the ever-growing and ever-present relationship with both past and present customers; providing the same trustworthy and quality service customers in our area have come to expect from David Williams Electric.